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Working with RED SEA EAGLE, you can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals who set the benchmark when it comes to the installation of commercial air conditioning and ventilation HVAC systems. We understand the importance of air conditioning in a business and the effects it has on your customers and staff productivity.

When choosing RED SEA EAGLE, it is important that you partner with a company that has industry-specific knowledge and the capabilities to carry out all jobs regardless of complexity or size. Our team will take care of you, from initial inquiry, through to design, project management, commissioning and staff training.

Working for clients across RED SEA EAGLE, we supply top of the range air conditioning brand names to office developments, hotels, restaurants, retail, and large commercial premises. Whether you require central chilled water, Packaged DX system, single split systems or large multi VRV/VRF air conditioning systems, we will provide you with a sustainable and long-lasting cooling and heating solution.

RED SEA EAGLE team is familiar with the installation, testing and commissioning of the following type of AC Systems:

  1. Chilled water systems: Air cooled, Water cooled and centrifugal chillers
  2. DX and CHW Air Handling units, Fan coil units
  3. Cooling Towers
  4. Heat Exchangers and its assembly
  5. Hydronic systems including CHW pumps, Pressurization units and manual valves
  6. Modulating and Control Valves
  7. DX Systems: Split units and Package DX units
  8. VRV/VRF systems
  9. Closed control air conditioning units

Also, our team is having the expertise in installation, testing and commissioning of the following ventilation systems:

  1. Fire rated ducts and fans
  2. Smoke management system and smoke fans
  3. Staircase Pressurization system
  4. Kitchen Extract Ducts
  5. Energy Recovery Ventilation system and Fresh air handing units
  6. Ventilation Ducts with dampers and air outlets .
  7. Ventilation system for Car Parking & Basement.
Red sea eagle is a diversified Electromechanical Contracting Company affiliated to a construction group providing clients with Construction Engineering, PMC services, Secondment of skilled personnel, and specialized EPC contracts in MEP, district cooling, pipelines welding and fabrication, testing and commissioning and infrastructure.