District cooling works




Considered to be an increasingly important utility, district cooling is a key part of the district energy systems that are the foundation of sustainable, economic and urban development. Ideal for large-scale, high-density developments such as downtown business districts, airports, university campuses, residential towers and commercial establishments. District cooling relies on a centralized cooling plant that provides cooling to buildings within its grid. The plant supplies chilled water through a network of underground insulated pipes. Another important component of the District Cooling System is the Energy Transfer Station (ETS). The ETS forms the frontline interfacing component with building HVAC systems.

We can provide solutions for complete design-build services for Client along with engineering, procurement, fabrication, delivery, supervision, commissioning and performance testing of district cooling Plants chilled water network and energy transfer stations. This won’t be possible without our team of design engineers, procurement and administrative staff, Quality Management System and newly implemented Enterprise Resource Planning software.

Besides the District & Central Cooling Plants, the tendency has been to develop smaller scale Plants whose commercial sustenance resides in modularity for future expansions, cost-competitiveness and fast deployment. We provide energy-efficient Modular Plants in various configurations that can be installed at different job sites.  We fabricate Modular Chiller plants in our fabrication facility in UAE, then shift it to site immediate installation.

In addition, our valued supply chain in terms of vendors, specialists and service providers has been developed over the years to ensure proper alignment and common and integrated actions. From a regional perspective, such in-house expertise is usually bolstered by key strategic partnerships with local leading general or civil/infrastructure contractors that bring their local knowledge, qualifications, and market knowledge in order to deliver successful and competitive bids.

Red sea eagle is a diversified Electromechanical Contracting Company affiliated to a construction group providing clients with Construction Engineering, PMC services, Secondment of skilled personnel, and specialized EPC contracts in MEP, district cooling, pipelines welding and fabrication, testing and commissioning and infrastructure.